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The Role of Works in Salvation

I have been wanting to write on this topic for some time.  It's a difficult topic to navigate - many people have very strong feelings about this.  I also realize that I'm going out on a limb that may be difficult to explain. So, please... if you finish reading this and don't quite understand what… Continue reading The Role of Works in Salvation

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Thank You Mom and Dad

Thirty three years ago today, a 22-year-old woman named Ruth Rains married a 21-year-old man named Michael Crouch. Those people are my parents.  Today is their 33rd anniversary. Recently, I picked up a book to read entitled, "The Power of Home: Taking Charge of Your Faith and Your Family" (by Ted Cunningham). As I began… Continue reading Thank You Mom and Dad


#TheStruggleIsReal – When It’s Hard To Trust

Like many Christians, I find myself wrestling with trust from time to time.  Okay, actually a lot.  Like right now. For much of my adult life, I have felt called to write.  And for most of it, I have ignored that calling.  Just a few minutes ago I felt myself wanting to put off again… Continue reading #TheStruggleIsReal – When It’s Hard To Trust


Church Is Not About the Numbers – Or Is it?

There has been something weighing on my mind recently when it comes to the work of the church.  It has to do with growth.  I've been on this kick lately about being more open to sharing the gospel with others.  I've been slowly growing in this area.  Very slowly (but hey, growth is growth, right?).… Continue reading Church Is Not About the Numbers – Or Is it?


Invite Someone to Church – Eternity is on the Line

In June of 2013, I embarked on a new journey.  My church asked my wife and I to be the leaders of a new ministry.  They felt they needed a to be more direct with the High School students.  They were coming to youth group, but were desiring something deeper.  This new class was called… Continue reading Invite Someone to Church – Eternity is on the Line